New forum, new SYSOP!

Updates from Putnam Electronics- for example, new product notifications, or stock information, will be posted here.

New forum, new SYSOP!

Postby Corneleous » Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:49 pm

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to acknowledge up front- I am a total newb when it comes to running these forums.. :lol:

So, if you're desperately trying to take part in a conversation here, but you have no ability to post (but you are a registered user) please send me an email or a PM, and we'll fix the permissions right away.
Also, if you notice a feature that you've used at other forums, that you feel like we should have here, let me know- I will see about turning that feature on!

And as always, your feedback and suggestions to making this a better forum/website are most welcomed!

**EDIT** I should mention: so far, all registered users can post in all boards, except for this NEWs board- which is dedicated to putnamelectronics news and messages like this. New users/guests can read, but will need to register to post/PM people, etc.
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