New products currently in development..

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New products currently in development..

Postby Corneleous » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:25 pm

I'd like to take a second to describe some of the products we're working on.

For the PE6502 single board computer, the following "add-ons" are in the works:
- A backplane, to extend the expansion header on the main system board. Currently contains two 44-pin, Apple1/Replica1 compatible sockets, and an additional PE6502 header, so backplanes can be daisy-chained.
- A sound card, allowing for a MOS 6581 "SID" chip to be utilized, in it's original memory address location as used in the Commodore 64. This will also work with a new/available SwinSID Nano.
- We're working with the developer of the CFFA1 compact flash mass-storage card. It is likely this will be a plug-and-play add-on.

Additional Kits:
- If there is demand for it, we are close to having our clone of the Briel AltairMicro computer (100% SW compatible) kit ready. The prototype is built, and runs well (we've played hours of Infocom classics on this machine!) All that remains is some work on the front panel PCB (the prototype has a hand-wired version), and of course writing the assembly manual.
- Inspired by Quinn "Blondihacks" Dunki's "juice bridge", we've spun up some PCBs that replicate her circuit. This device plugs into an edge of your breadboard, and provides regulated power. This would also be a quick build/inexpensive project.

Far Horizon:
- Very preliminary work has begun, on replicating the Vectrex game system from the early 1980's. The original Vectrex featured it's own built-in vector graphics CRT monitor, a controller, and a built-in game (with a cartridge slot for many more games).. This 68A09 based system also features an AY-3-8912 sound chip. Stay tuned!
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