Altair 8800 micro replica kit?

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Altair 8800 micro replica kit?

Postby DigitalKid2AnalogMan » Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:27 am

Is there any interest among retro computing enthusiasts / kit builders for a Altair 8800 micro kit similar to the one previously offered by Briel Computers? Corneleous has some youtube videos on how he built his own Altair 8800 micro and it seemed really nice.

Currently, it seems like the only Altair 8800 replica on the market is a clone that is in a metal case and has the same physical dimensions as the original Altair 8800, but inside it is 99% air since everything is running on a few small ICs in one corner. The approach that Corneleous took in making his replica similar to Briel's, which in turn was very similar to the original in that it had many different ICs for each subsystem of the computer, seems like it would be more interesting overall to the majority of people interested in retro PCs and kits. The very fact that inside Corneleous' kit there were wires and cables going every which way and PCBs that were sandwiched together is very similar to how many vintage PCs were built.
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