Ben Heck's Pocket BASIC handheld..

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Ben Heck's Pocket BASIC handheld..

Postby Corneleous » Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:29 pm

Anyone else watch the Ben Heck show?

In one episode ( he builds a handheld computer, which runs TinyBASIC, and is based off an arduino, and also uses an Xbox chatpad(!)

Well, I doesn't take much to inspire me, and this episode of Ben's show was WAY over my excitement threshold. It didn't hurt that chatpads are less than 10 bucks at my local gamestop, and also you can get Arduino UNO knock-offs on ebay for literally 5 bucks.. Also on eBay for cheap: 16x4 line LCD displays, and knock off PIC programmers. I've got all the parts rounded up, have TinyBASIC running on the arduino, and re-flashed the chatpad, so it now works with the TinyBASIC arduino. I'm still working on wiring up the lcd display, but I can tell it is all otherwise working using a serial terminal connected to the arduino, so all that is left is to finish the LCD, and make some sort of enclosure. It's kinda cool!

Ben usually makes his working files available, I'm still looking on my PC. I'll attach them here if I find them. Here's a thread talking about it that Ben actually replied to: ... hread=true

**Edit: here's the code: ... hread=true

Anyone else done something like this?
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