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We proudly sell retro-style computer kits, using the highest quality components we can find!

Send your inquiries to us: Contact Putnam Electronics.

!UPDATE! 2019-02-23 We've now sold over 100 kits!!! Thank you all so much!

Coming soon - updated propeller firmware, with character control of the cursor! Now in test! Once released, we'll offer it here for download- it can be updated to your PE6502 through the serial connector.

!UPDATE! 2018-07-07 New cost-reduced version of the PE6502 available!

Now when you order a PE6502, please specify whether you'd like to order the original "purple" (made in USA PCboard version) for the same original $130 price, or the new "blue" (boards outsourced, everything else identical) for $110! Prices include shipping in USA, international orders please contact us for actual price including shipping.

!UPDATE! 2018-02-17 NEW PRODUCTS, for sale SOON:

1) Zeta2 Z80-CP/M Computer, assembly-required kit! (will be available soon!)
2) SwinSID Nano Soundcard, assembly-required kit (for the PE6502 Computer! Status: still prototyping!)
3) 3D printed case/enclosure for PE6502! (status: still prototyping!)
**Please see our web forum (on the support page) for more details!**

We are currently selling single-board computer assembly-required kits!

Frustrated by the current lack of high-quality, standardized, build-it-yourself electronics kits,
we've started to make our own kits available. These products are perfect for both educational use, and for hobbyists
alike. Be sure to check out our projects page while you're here.